Rockin’ Joe Cool Musical by Westland

WESTLAND GIFTWARE SNOOPY Snow Globe Rockin’Joe Cool with box from Japan – $450. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

A fab fifties musical featuring the Peanuts gang would be wonderful in anyone’s collection. The Rockin’ Joe Cool Musical was made by Westland Giftware, sometime between 2000 and 2010, or so. There’s no real hallmarks that give away the exact date. It features Lucy, Franklin, Marcie, Pigpen, Charlie Brown and the Little Red Haired Girl all dancing to the tunes playing on Snoopy’s Jukebox. The checkerboard floor motif gives it that 1950’s flair. Obviously, at $450 I have many reservations about how long it will languish in the seller’s basement, waiting for these poor Peanuts chracters to see the light of day again.

Snoopy Globetrotting

Why the high price? The listing for this particular Rockin’ Joe Cool Musical, being sold in America, mentions that it’s from Japan. Looking at the photos, we can clearly see it’s made in China. There’s absolutely no indication of any Asian language on this piece. If you want to ask crazy prices for something sold on the Japanese market, then go right ahead. However, give us some real PROOF of its origins.

But then the tale gets stranger! Doing my proper bit of research, I come across another listing for this same Rockin’ Joe Cool Musical. It’s in Japan for $887! Suddenly $450 seems like a deal. Interesting to note, both listings have the exact same title. One of these sellers is just being lazy, or maybe both. The musical being sold in Japan also has no proof that the box is a Japanese market box.

Does any of this matter? I once came across a few Hallmark Gallery figurines that were bought in Japan. The EXACT same product as was sold on the American market, but with a different sticker on the box bottom. Would I ask more for them? Maybe a little, like five-percent tops. Would I buy a double just because it has a sticker from Japan? No, not worth it. Without further proof, this Rockin’ Joe Cool Musical is an American market item not worth anymore than other ones on the market. My guess is I did more research than this seller who just copy and pasted a partially irrelevant listing.

How much is a Rockin’ Joe Cool Musical worth?

In the last three months, there have been eight of these sold. Selling prices range from a whopping $73, to a bargain of just $30. All but one had a box, and the one without sold for $35. Obviously, this piece isn’t so rare it doesn’t come up for sale around once a month or more. Plus, it shows up on the market in complete condition with no major flaws. Being fairly new works in the buyer’s favor. On today’s market, I would expect to buy this Peanuts Musical for around $35-50 with the box.

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