Snoopy Fire-King Mug & Bowl

Vintage Fire King Snoopy Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl and Mug c 1958 Milk Glass – $54.99. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Condition. Condition. Condition! Getting top dollar for any collectible is entirely dependent on the condition. This matching set of a Snoopy Fire-King Mug and Bowl has seen better days before the dishwasher and newsprint destroyed the bright orange treats of Snoopy’s daydreams. However, I don’t think anyone, no matter the popularity of Fire-King and Snoopy, would drop that much money on this pair. On the American market, these are common enough. Fire-King items are very popular on the Japanese collectible market which has driven prices up.

How much is this Snoopy Fire-King Mug & Bowl worth?

I could see these two items selling for $55 to the right collector in mint condition. In their current condition, I would expect to buy these for under $5 a piece. They’re still fun to use and the newsprint discoloration might be fixable, but they’ll never be worth the same as a pristine set of a Snoopy Fire-King Mug & Bowl.

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