Snoopy Store Display

Vintage Peanuts WONDERFUL LARGE Snoopy on Doghouse STORE DISPLAY 24″x14″x14″ – $1200. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

What is a store display? In the collecting world, it usually refers to an item that was used in a store to display or sell an item. Usually, these items are not available for retail sale, but sometimes get into the hands of collectors and the secondary market. They can be highly prized for their rarity. What is this Snoopy doghouse selling? Can you figure it out? If not, don’t worry. It doesn’t seem to be selling anything.

Sometimes it’s hard to know about each and every Peanuts item ever made. Sometimes, the search engines do your research for you. In the “People who also viewed” box, the exact same Snoopy sculpture was pictured for just $200. Thankfully, that one gave us a better picture of what this item is. The bottom of an item can be a wealth of information! It’s an Austin sculpture, made around 2000, if memory serves. They had a full range of garden decor and large, heavy sculptures.

How much is a Snoopy Austin Sculpture worth?

Austin sculptures in mint condition can sell from $50-$200+ on the secondary market. Prices vary based on how popular the Peanuts scene is. While $200 seems pretty aligned with the market prices, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good buy for everyone. I would bulk at paying more than $50-75 for it and I certainly wouldn’t display it in a garden. Selling it in the secondary market will be tricky because it’s so, so HEAVY! On the flip side, it’s a lovely piece that adds a nice, large focal point to a Snoopy display. Buy what you love!

Note for eBay sellers. Getting the details right about an item can help buyers find your wares and get items sold. Plus, when you can get the right buyers, they might just bid more than you bargained for!

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A note on prices

When reviewing these articles, be sure to note the date. Market prices fluctuate with availability and interest in a subject. Putting a value on items can be nuanced and comes from the perspective of buying to enjoy in a collection. I also tend to be conservative with valuations to account for the ups and downs in market values. 

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