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Snoopy Doll and Outfit

Rare Vintage 1966 SNOOPY Red Baron 8” Figurine In Full Bombers Jacket. Plush Ear – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

First, a history lesson. The Red Baron fought for the Germans in the First World War. Americans fought against the Germans. Snoopy is imagining himself as an American Flying Ace fighting against the Germans and their top gun pilot, The Red Baron. Snoopy also frequently shouts, “Curse you, Red Baron!”, which would be an odd if he was cursing himself. I feel compelled to explain this as my Mom once met a person who named their son “Baron” after Snoopy. It was much too late in Baron’s life to correct them.

Back to this Snoopy doll! Does he look a little funny to you? I think it would be hard for him to pilot a plane in those clothes. The bomber jacket is almost hanging over his hands and his goggles and helmet don’t conform to his head. As Barbie will tell you, when you’re a doll, fashion comes easy when you have clothes made to fit you. Snoopy is wearing Snoopy clothes, but they’re for the wrong Snoopy! These clothes are for a plush ten inch doll, not an eight inch plastic doll. Follow the links, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. In the collecting world, this is called a Marriage. Two pieces, put together and misconstrued to be a perfect match. No marriage is perfect!

How much is a Snoopy Doll and Outfit worth?

In determining value, it’s best to consider the two pieces separately. The Snoopy flying ace outfit made by Determined Productions would probably sell for $7-14. The Snoopy doll, also by Determined Productions, looks a little yellowed and is incomplete. However, it’s still a great doll and would probably sell for around $12-20. Great pieces, just need to find the right partners and price!

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