Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book

Vintage Charlie Brown Cookbook Peanuts Lunch Bag Charles Schultz Kids Cook 1970 – $52. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Happy Birthday, Joe! Buying used books generally means you’re getting a little piece of the previous owner. Sometimes, it can be interesting. Comments written in the margins of books or drawings on the blank pages might be a little glimpse into a secret world. Most collectors want books that don’t have these human breadcrumbs littering their pages, especially the cover!

Did Chris write anything interesting in this book, or did he just mar the cover? If it was my birthday gift, I really don’t want writing on the cover of my brand new book. Unless he’s filled the interior with our inside jokes or recipe suggestions, I don’t want people writing on my book. Maybe he was just trying to end the gift cycle. Perhaps Chris is friends with Joe because he’s not as uptight as I am.

As book collectors, we can’t get away from the occasional name written in the inside cover pages. Maybe even a “best wishes” greeting with a year for a special memory that will last until the book is sold. Something basic in nice handwriting and not bleeding through the page or etching the front cover is fine by me. A little humanity is fine. However, if my book of comic reproductions has been turned into a coloring book by a two-year-old, I’m not a happy collector.

How much is a Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book worth?

There’s plenty of these on eBay at much lower prices with decent covers. I don’t know which Joe and Chris exchanged this book, so I doubt that gives this book any additional value. For something a little used and showing the careworn presence of humans in its past, spend under $10. If you want one that looks like its never been used to make “Lucy’s Crabby Sandwiches”, you might have to pay around $10-20. Be on the lookout for bargains, because this book is not hard to find. It’s as easy as “April Fool-Proof Potato Salad” on page 58.

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