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Charlie Brown and Snoopy Sidecar by Aviva

Vintage AVIVA Peanuts SNOOPY MOTORCYLE Charlie Brown Side Car FRICTION TOY RARE! – $89.95. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Research is key to determining rarity of an item. I really don’t see these a lot, so in some ways, yes, this is rare. Then I went on eBay, looked for “Snoopy sidecar” and came up with two results. The cheaper option, at just $27 including shipping (at time of writing), was a far better example than the one featured here. The top of the sidecar should be emblazoned with a decal depicting Snoopy waving a checkered flag. Also, Woodstock should be perched next to Charlie Brown where only a yellow dot is currently present. The cheaper one also has its issues, but for the money, is in a lot better condition. The expensive one is working. From experience, these do tend to not work anymore. Working is nice to have, yet I often forgive non-function issues since the toy will be sitting on a shelf for the rest of its life.

How much is a Charlie Brown and Snoopy Sidecar by Aviva worth?

Aviva made a variety of friction vehicles in the 1970’s and into the early 1980’s. Today, they vary in price and availability. Finding them out of the box in mint condition is difficult. Yellowed glue is a common issue, even if the item is still in the original box. The 1982 Snoopy the Flying Ace on his sidecar with Charlie Brown and Woodstock is harder to find and a gem to have. In this condition, with a missing Woodstock, missing decals, yellowing and heavy paint loss, I would probably buy this for under $7. The missing decal and Woodstock are the big deal breakers on a piece like this. Forgiving issues due to time and being a toy are easier than losing the integrity of what makes it collectible to a Peanuts fan.

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