Astronaut Snoopy Commemorative Coin

VINTAGE Snoopy All Systems Are Go! First Moon Landing Commemorative Coin 1969 – $109. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Commemorative items are made to be collector’s pieces. Anything less than their original condition drastically reduces its value. Between the tarnished silver and the nicks in the metal, this Astronaut Snoopy Commemorative Coin is a fun piece to carry with you. Perhaps it was used as a challenge coin? However, I can’t recommend purchasing one in this condition at collector’s prices!

Originally, this Astronaut Snoopy Commemorative Coin was presented in a card stock folder. The coin itself was encapsulated in a plastic sleeve to protect against the inevitable tarnish oxygen would bring. Made in 1969, the coin was made by Determined Productions to commemorate the first moon landing.

How much is a Astronaut Snoopy Commemorative Coin worth?

The featured Astronaut Snoopy Commemorative Coin would be a novelty that I’d maybe pay around $5 for. I would’t ever expect to make more than I paid for it. Instead, I’d rather buy a complete Astronaut Snoopy Commemorative Coin in its package. Sure, I’d be paying $40-60 for a mint condition example, but it would be a better investment for the long term.

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