“Have Lunch with Snoopy” Domed Lunch Box

Vintage 1968 Snoopy Metal Dome Lunchbox, Blue Cup, Rare HTF – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

What makes this “Have Lunch with Snoopy” domed lunch box rare? It’s Snoopy’s blue cup. Why a blue cup? We may never know! How rare is it? That’s what I’m here to ponder about. Using eBay as a general sample size and using both their current and sold listings, there are 39 listings for this lunch box. Only 5 are blue cup variants, the rest have a red cup. Doing the math, that’s about 13% with a blue cup Snoopy domed lunch box.

Is a blue cup variant more valuable? There are two factors involved. One is desirability, the other is condition. To certain collectors, having a rarer variant is worth paying extra for. Chances are “blue cup” type collectors will want a near mint version of this lunch box and will be willing to pay a premium for it. Plus, they’ll pay an extra for the original matching Thermos flask. Though the blue cup variant is more difficult to find, it’s certainly not impossible with online tools.

How much is a “Have Lunch with Snoopy” Domed Lunch Box worth?

What’s a blue cup variant of the “Have Lunch with Snoopy” Domed Lunch Box worth? It’s difficult to put a dollar figure on buying a blue cup variant when I have so few prices to go on. The only blue cup version sold lately on eBay went for under $179 as a best offer. It had the flask and was in amazing condition. I also recently bought a blue cup variant for just $45, no flask, and in very good condition. For the price and condition, I feel it was a bargain! In contrast, red cup variants, without the flask, are selling for under $40. The flask adds around $10-30 to the price, depending on condition.

What is this particular lunch box worth? In such rough condition, I would hesitate to buy this one. Though $75 is way below its current eBay competitors, it’s not very pristine anymore. Rust gets worse with time. To me, it would be worth paying double to get one in better condition. I might buy it for under $30 if I liked its rustic charm, but I wouldn’t expect to make anything on my investment down the road.

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