Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign

Millbrook Bread Snoopy Bakery Store Sign Banner Snoopy Bread Advertising Banner – $170. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

When I first saw this, it really peaked my interest. A huge Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign? That would be an awesome find! And then I clicked on the tiny thumbnail and was instantly disappointed. As I stared at the obvious fake, my disappointment turned into amusement at just how HORRIBLE a “reproduction” this Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign is.

Let’s start at the top! “Happy 4th of July from Nabisco” is the first indicator Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign is a complete piece of crap. According to the internet*, Millbrook bread was bought from the National Biscuit Company in 1968 by Interstate Brands. The Peanuts partnership with Interstate Brands started in the late 1960’s. Millbrook wouldn’t have been associated with Peanuts until after the move. Nabisco and Peanuts didn’t have any sort of a partnership that I know of.

Moving on down the Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign, our eyes are drawn to that old-skool bag of Millbrook bread. So retro, so homey, so not the modernized design used during the Peanuts partnership years. When Millbrook changed hands, I’m sure the old design was modernized if it hadn’t been already. Bread at the time was advertised as being enriched and soft, a modern product of science, not the grainy, basic bread of your Grandma. A modern look for a modern product.

Our eyes can’t help but linger on the Snoopy and Woodstock that’s been used on this Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign. There’s also the tagline with “The Prince of Sandwiches”. The round-nosed characters do not match up with the era of the Prince. Look at these Woodstocks with the Prince. They are proto-Woodstock, not the fully evolved version we see in this Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign. Something weird is going on here, and it’s not just the horrible muddiness of the stars in those American Flags.

How much is a Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign worth?

How much would a collector pay for this? Hopefully, nothing. It’s not worth collecting. It’s just a bunch of clipart and copy slapped together to try and reproduce nostalgia where it doesn’t exist. Luckily, the listing isn’t trying to be deceptive by calling the Millbrook Bread Snoopy Sign vintage or anything like that. However, it is copyright infringement, horrible design work and historically inaccurate. It’s just another example of how easy it is to make crap and put it on the internet these days. Let’s use that power to make beautiful, original things, not this travesty.

*You say the internet is wrong? Feel free to deep dive into the research and come up with multiple, reliable sources to prove the internet wrong. Please send your research to Thank you!

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