Charlie Brown Paratrooper Toy Figure

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Welcome to another edition of “That’s not a Keychain!” where we tell you what the Peanuts item mistaken to be a keychain really is: a Charlie Brown Paratrooper Toy Figure. In this edition, we have a plastic Charlie Brown figurine that’s probably two inches tall and quite bulky. While it doesn’t make an ideal keychain, I suppose if you really wanted a $188 keychain of a dilapidated Charlie Brown, this would be a perfectly charming Charlie Brown to do that. You could use Charlie Brown as a Christmas tree ornament, a rearview mirror dangler, or whatever your heart desires. It’s not up to me to tell anyone what to do with their collectibles, except not mis-represent them to their potential customers.

The Charlie Brown Paratrooper Toy was made by Aviva in the 1970’s and later reproduced by International Trading Technologies in about 1990. The original Aviva paratroopers came in four different designs: Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Dancing Snoopy and Snoopy the Flying Ace. Each came with their uniquely designed, lightweight, plastic parachute that would be attached to the ring on top of the figure. Then, you could drop it from a height and watch them sail down to the ground, or just fall like a stone because something wasn’t quite right. Eventually, the flimsy, plastic parachute would be lost or discarded, leaving just the Peanuts paratrooper figurine.

Peanuts and Charlie Brown Paratrooper Toy out of the package and complete are difficult to find! However, finding a Charlie Brown Paratrooper in the package* isn’t too difficult if you’re patient or rich. To me, the original Aviva version is superior, not only because it’s the original, but because the packaging is so well designed. The top of the card is formed to mimic a 2-D parachute and connects down to the physical figurine. It’s lovely little touches that make a great design!

How much is a Charlie Brown Paratrooper Toy Figure worth?

How much are they worth in the package? There’s no recent sales on eBay, so they’re probably not that popular anymore with so many decently priced examples. But buy what you love, not what’s popular! I would try and get these for around $10-25, in the original package depending on condition. Out of the package and just the figure? Just a few dollars in very good to excellent condition.

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