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Racecar Driver Snoopy Plush

Vintage Snoopy In Racing Outfit Rare 1968 30cm – $30. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

It’s easy to be fooled by this Racecar Driver Snoopy Plush Outfit. It seems to fit Snoopy pretty well and it’s made by Determined Productions who made all of Snoopy’s other outfits in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. However, there’s one big tip-off this outfit doesn’t belong to Snoopy. “Jack” is emblazoned on his shoulder. You may be surprised to learn, Snoopy stole this outfit from a bunny!

Jack Rabbit was a character from the S.S. Happiness Crew. I’d never heard of it until I came across some outfits mixed in with my Snoopy stuff. From what I can tell, based on bits and pieces gathered from the internet, it’s a series of books and toys made by Determined Productions around 1979-1984. The premise seems to be a cruise ship crewed by animals including a frog, bear, rabbit, elephant, raccoon, pig and cat. Like “Love Boat” but for kids perhaps. There’s not much out there, not even a Wikipedia page. eBay has a few S.S. Happiness Crew collectibles for sale. If anyone has more info, feel free to email me at info@collectpeanuts.com.

How much is this Racecar Driver Snoopy Plush worth?

How much would a Peanuts collector pay for an item that’s vaguely related to their collection? The S.S. Happiness Crew outfits fit Snoopy, but they are a bit snug. If a collector really wanted a specific type of outfit like a Ship’s Captain Uniform or a Racecar Driver, this would be a good way to expand Snoopy’s wardrobe. The outfit might have some indications that it isn’t for Snoopy. Though these outfits are definitely harder to find, they may not appeal to most Peanuts Collectors since they tend to prefer actual Peanuts collectibles. Anyone buying these will probably just have a sentimental attachment and will pay according to their heart. For once, I feel like this is a pretty reasonable price for a Snoopy Plush with an outfit, if you live in Australia and don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees.

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