Anri Peanuts Music Box

1971 United Features Syndical Snoopy Anri Wooden Music Box “Dr. Schiwago” Rare – $99.99. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Snoopy is dancing a jig on top of Schroeder’s piano. At just over 2″ long, the wooden music box plays Lara’s theme from Doctor Zhivago. Perhaps Italy called the movie Dr. Schiwago, leading to the strange sticker on the bottom. Distributed by Schmid, this little Anri Peanuts Music Box was a treat when it was new in 1971. The sides are hand-painted and hand carved, but have a printed design adhered to the top made of paper. Unfortunately, this leads to many of these sweet musicals being mangled to an undesirable level.

How much is a Anri Peanuts Music Box worth?

In mint condition, I might not hesitate to put down $100 on this Anri Peanuts Music Box. I have one of these in my collection that was varnished by a previous owner. At first, I was a bit annoyed. However, seeing the condition of this one, I’d rather have a preserved example than a water-damaged version like this. Restoration would be difficult and would require creating a whole new applique for the top. Not impossible, but certainly time consuming. Because of the restoration needed, I would feel safer at around $10.

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