Rare Snoopy Ornament or Ordinary Snoopy Keychain?

Very Rare Vintage 1966 UFS Peanuts Christmas Ornament – Snoopy Red Baron – $20. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Rare Snoopy ornament or ordinary Snoopy keychain? I ask the question, but we all know the answer. There’s no story if it’s exactly what the seller thinks it is! As a seasoned Peanuts collector, it didn’t take me long to piece together what this rare Snoopy ornament really is. Aviva made a variety of Snoopy keychains in the 1970’s. For the non-collector, the tip-off should be the metal loop. Why would a cheap, plastic ornament need a metal loop? Because it’s a keychain ornament, not a Christmas tree ornament.

And now for the obligatory Peanuts myth busting. Snoopy is not the Red Baron. He’s an allied “Flying Ace” pilot. He fights against the Red Baron, the notorious German fighter pilot. Snoopy’s imagination first takes him back to World War I in 1966. The date on this item is the copyright year of when the character first appeared, not the item’s manufacturing year.

How much is this “Rare Snoopy Ornament” worth?

With the right tools and materials, this keychain could easily be put into working order again. It’s also in need of a good cleaning. Who knows what pockets Snoopy has been in! Snoopy’s adventures have worn away his paint and he shows many signs of wear. While these keychains are cute and nostalgic, they’re a bit primitive and cheaply made. I wouldn’t pay more than $10-15 for one in mint condition in the original package. In this condition, I wouldn’t consider it collectible with the missing original chain. Get it cheap and give him a new purpose in life, maybe as a Christmas tree ornament!

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