Snoopy Girls Top & Panty Set

Vintage 1965 Snoopy & Friends Girls Fashion Underwear Rocky Mount New in Package – $125. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

From time to time, I break the rules. I don’t collect Peanuts clothing. I wear it. I enjoy it. All while keeping it nice for my collection. However, sometimes there’s a vintage novelty I can’t pass up. A vintage Snoopy hooded sweatshirt that makes a kid look like the Flying Ace. A Woodstock bikini for a baby. So adorable! A Snoopy girls top and panty set is not going to make me break my rule, especially at this price!

For more information on this product, we have to put on our thinking caps. As we already know, the trademark doesn’t relate to when this product was actually made, but to the Peanuts characters on the item. Instead, let’s take a hard look at the packaging. Rocky Mount brand doesn’t mean much to me. A quick google search turns up a lawsuit in 1985 and a currently abandoned looking factory in North Carolina. The packaging design is much more helpful. Rainbows! This helps pinpoint this to around the early 1980’s when such things were popular.

The best way to know exactly when this Snoopy girls top set came out would be to look through old Sears catalogs. Feel free to go have a look and tell me if I’m right or wrong!

How much is a Snoopy Girls Top Set worth?

I love that this Snoopy Girls Top Set has the original package. I especially love that they haven’t been used. If I came across this rarity in a shop, I might put down $10-20 to add it to my collection. It’s adorable. At the time this was made, I could have worn this set! But, I didn’t and I don’t have any real nostalgia for this pair. My big girl panties just can’t justify spending that much!

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