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Snoopy Hungerford Doll

vintage snoopy toy 1958 rare – $75. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

From the seller’s description of this Snoopy Hungerford Doll: “One of the rarest snoopy toys…1958. Created by united features syndicate BEFORE Snoopy was introduced. Good condition. I will send more pictures if you like. Size approx. 10″ tall. There are approx. BN only 100 left in the world. Snoopy, when this was made was not part of the Charlie Brown comic strip yet.”

I usually don’t fault sellers for not knowing things about collecting Peanuts items. However, this seller is making claims that are a simple Google search away. Let’s start at the beginning. This is not the rarest Snoopy toy, there are many, many rarer. The Snoopy Hungerford Doll is very popular in the secondary market since it is a very iconic and the original Peanuts toy. The seller doesn’t even tell the buyer that this is a Hungerford doll! Snoopy was created by Charles Schulz, not United Feature Syndicate. Snoopy’s first appearance in Peanuts was in 1950, on the third day the comic strip was in existence.

How much is this Snoopy Hungerford Doll worth?

Good Condition? This is quite possibly the worst condition I’ve ever seen. Chocolate Snoopy is kinda fun for $5, but not for any serious collector. BN? I don’t know what that means, but I do know there are more than 100 left in the world. Plus, there are reproduction Peanuts Hungerford dolls on the market. Finally, the comic strip is called Peanuts, not Charlie Brown.

The lesson here is, once again, never trust a seller to give you accurate information. Do your own research so you can detect the BS when it inevitably shows up. If you want to know more about Peanuts Hungerford dolls, read our previous Snoopy Sanity Checks article on the subject.

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