Turkey Woodstock Plush Toy from Hallmark

NEW Peanuts Snoopy WOODSTOCK Plush THANKSGIVING TURKEY Hallmark – $70. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

If you’re a regular follower of the Snoopy Sanity checks series, you’ll often read me telling you that people might pay excessive prices for sentimental reasons or they’re passionate about something. Thanksgiving is my thing! My last name is Pilgrim, plus I’m actually related to some of the passengers on the Mayflower. It’s the perfect holiday! There’s the long weekend (if you’re lucky). The terrific meal with leftovers. The lack of gifts or religious overtones that might make it awkward to just invite people who need an extended family for a day. Our family loves putting up the Thanksgiving holiday flair, but this particular Woodstock Plush Toy is not in our holiday decor bin!

How much is a Turkey Woodstock Plush Toy worth?

Would I pay $70 for a Turkey Woodstock Plush Toy from Hallmark? How big is he? If he’s not over three feet tall, I will pass. I love Thanksgiving (and giant plush toys). I’ll splurge at times, but this Woodstock plush toy doesn’t make me want to splurge to $70. First, I’m a cheapskate. Second, he’s not that old. Third, he’s not that rare if there have been eight for sale in the last two months. There’s probably bunches of these sitting in other people’s holiday decor bins just waiting to be released back into the wilds of secondary market Peanuts collectibles. People are paying around $30-50 for him. Pre-thanksgiving is the opportune moment to be selling on these, which may skew the prices higher. For my own collection of Thanksgiving Peanuts collectibles, I’d rather be at around $20-30, which still seems high to me. But he’s so cute!

Fourth reason I wouldn’t splurge that high on Hallmark. Thanksgiving seems to be gathering a bit more notice in the holiday merchandising departments at many stores. If it continues, I’m sure Hallmark will release a different Turkey Woodstock Plush Toy in future. It’s such a perfect pairing!

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