Snoopy Halloween Bank by Whitman’s Chocolates

Snoopy Woodstock Halloween Jack O Lantern Plastic Coin Bank Whitman’s Candies – $50. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Peanuts memorabilia was a perfect excuse for a collector to have lots of chocolates around the holidays. If I remember right, these came with white chocolate and cookie pieces wrapped in foil to look like Peanuts characters. For a number of years, these were a staple of drug store Halloween displays. They are really easy to come by on the secondary market. There were always a few leftover at low prices, just waiting for someone to save it for years and years and resell it.

How much is a Snoopy Halloween Bank by Whitman’s Chocolates worth?

Since these are around 15 years old or so, the main condition concern is the paint. Some of the figures show signs of yellowing or wear on the paint. The Whitman’s banks were also really tricky to open, so look for cracks or breakage on the inner clips. In very good to excellent condition, expect to pay around $4-8. And if you find one with the original chocolate in it… don’t eat it.

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