Flying Ace Snoopy Mirror

Vintage Mirror Snoopy Red Baron Woodstock Silk Screened with Metal Frame HTF – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

At first glance, this mirror looks pretty decent. Nice image. Decent condition. Whats’s not to love? A closer inspection reveals more than your face. This mirror doesn’t appear to be a licensed Flying Ace Snoopy Mirror.

The copyright

Official Peanuts items ALWAYS have a copyright line. Typically, dates paired are paired with “United Feature Syndicate” somewhere on the item, probably printed in a corner or near other text. Generally, it’s printed with the design since that’s the easiest way to make it happen.

If the copyright info is missing on an item, it could still be licensed. A sticker or tag may have been lost through the years. Then what?

The Design

Get to know Snoopy! While Snoopy’s head seems pretty good, he starts looking a little strange when we look at his paws. His left paw is especially misshapen. Snoopy’s hand should have a thumb and a tri-divided paw area or four round fingers. If you want to be get picky, the color scheme for Snoopy’s flight helmet is too bland. Typically, you would see this as green or brown with a contrasting color for the goggles.

Get to know Schulz! The outlines on these cartoon figures are thick and angular. Peanuts characters should have a nice organic feel with thinner lines and more detail. The Schulz line is well known for being unique. While it seems simple enough, recreating that very particular pen stroke look isn’t easy to reproduce when redrawing a character. Usually it comes out looking more messy, like this image, than Schulz’s polished signature style.

Finally, there’s Woodstock’s eyes. Peanuts character’s eyes are so simple that they need to be done just right. There should never be too much variance between the two eyes, especially when a character is looking straight at you. In this image, Woodstock has the crazy eyes. Too much walking? Too many of Snoopy’s “war stories”? Whatever Woodstock is feeling right now, it’s time to give him some space.

How much is a Flying Ace Snoopy Mirror worth?

Unlicensed, knock-off Peanuts mirrors have ended up in my collection over the years. However, I wouldn’t seek them out. A low price and a delightful design could be enough for me to buy a vintage knock-off. Maybe $10 if I was so inclined? However, there are plenty of licensed Peanuts mirror that would look far better on my walls.

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