Lucy and Charlie Brown Wooden Dolls

Vintage Peanuts Schultz CHARLIE BROWN & LUCY Rubber Heads & Wooden Bodies 8″ – $17. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Somebody in the last fifty years took a lot of time to make these dolls. If you didn’t spot it right away, you may not be familiar with where these heads came from. Mattel made Linus, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy Skediddlers in 1968. The characters had huge heads with small bodies. The body had a wheeled handle that is used to make the character walk while moving their arms and head.

How these dolls came into existence, we’ll never know. While these are very quirky, yet well proportioned, they certainly pale in comparison to the original Peanuts skediddlers. The odd mixture of materials is the tip-off to potential buyers that something isn’t quite right here. Rubber headed dolls with cloth bodies is very common. The soft rubber with a hard wood would makes for a strange pairing since the wood might damage the rubber. You don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia of Peanuts memorabilia, just use your observations of the world around you.

How much are Lucy and Charlie Brown Wooden Dolls worth?

To a Peanuts collector, these are merely parts. If you are in need of a head or two for replacement, these are in great condition. Hopefully the original hole hasn’t been meddled with too much. At about $10 a head, it’s a little cheaper than buying a whole doll.

Complete dolls are easy enough to come by online. Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy Skediddlers sell for around $20-30, complete with clothes and handle. Linus is rarer and sells for around $80-100, complete with his striped shirt, blue pants and handle. Finding them in the original box is difficult and adds $50-100 to the price based on condition, more for Linus again. The boxes are bright with beautiful graphics, so they are highly desirable. The box window shows off the doll, so it’s also a great way to display the doll.

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