Peanuts Postage Stickers

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Lick ’em and stick ’em! It’s the old-fashioned type of stickers where you would tear them at the perforations, moisten the back of the sticker and affix it to where ever you wanted it. While these Peanuts postage stickers make me nostalgic, I’m certainly more in favor of the modern self-adhesive sticker. It’s bad enough licking envelopes without having to lick the stamp, too.

Ah, but these aren’t postage stamps. They’re just your basic sticker to dress up an envelope and make the receiver want to open it first. Hallmark produced these in the 1970’s. Each sticker design received its own sheet in the bound sticker booklet. Postage stickers were a great way for people to get more letters, and Hallmark to sell more cards, stationary and oh so many Peanuts goodies.

How much are Peanuts Postage Stickers worth?

Loose stickers? I might pick them up for a dollar or two for the entire set if they’re rare enough. When I’m buying stickers for my collection, I want them as close to original as possible. A full, unused sheet is acceptable. A few assorted stickers are nice for their original purpose. Now, who wants a letter from me? I’ve got plenty of these stickers!

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