Peanuts Emblem Clips

Snoopy Peanuts Gang vintage plastic pins set of 4 The Prince Canada – $225. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

It was the early 1970’s. Breadmakers pulled every marketing trick to get you to buy their brand. Butternut, Weber’s, Mrs. Karl’s, Millbrook and more from Interstate Brands were aided by Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Little trinkets and giveaways enticed kids to pick their brand. These Peanuts Emblem Clips were one such strategy.

Originally, these Peanuts Emblem Clips would have come on a printed card. These cheap pieces of plastic were just placeholders for the next great mail-away premium: Peanuts patches! Both the patches and the emblem clips have the same image. However, the cloth patches are more colorful, detailed and would last longer than these basic clips. I’m not even sure what you do with these clips? Clip it on a shirt pocket is my guess.

While these seem like fragile, throw-away sort of things, Peanuts Emblem Clips show up on the market quite frequently. They’re tricky to find since no one knows what they are unless the card is still present. Mint and intact is the way to buy these. I’d personally pass on anything worn or without the plastic clip. Also, they came in a variety of colors and had five total designs. Colors I’ve seen are yellow, red, white and blue.

How much are Peanuts Emblem Clips worth?

Finding them on the card can be tricky and is definitely worth a bit of a premium. Without the card, I’d be in at around $3-5 each, double with the card. If you need to complete a set or want a specific color, that may be worth a premium to you. I’m looking for a Linus! Personally, I’m not going to be a complete-ist and try to get every color of every design, except at the right price.

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