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Three-Foot Snoopy Plush

Snoopy Huge Jumbo Vintage Plush Stuffed 3′ Tall – $110. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Snoopy needs a friend. Not you, silly! This Three-Foot Snoopy Plush is missing his Woodstock. The huge clue is the velcro on the paw. He originally would have been hugging Woodstock between his arms. The plush was made in the early 1980’s by Determined Productions. The Woodstock included with this Snoopy is just as rare as the Snoopy itself. Being able to find the correct Woodstock to mate up with this is going to be tricky. You can see the original pair at the end of this “Snoopy Plush Heaven” video.

How much is a Three-Foot Snoopy Plush worth?

While this Three-Foot Snoopy Plush is missing its collar and Woodstock, I don’t think this is a terrible price. It’s higher than I personally would want to pay, but I could see another collector ending their quest and settling on this Snoopy. Replacing the Woodstock with something similar would be easy enough. A collar is nice, but not really necessary. A ribbon or a real dog collar would work. Overall, he looks to be in great condition with hardly any use.

Finding Snoopy plush of this size is difficult. Craigslist is your best bet on a budget. I found mine in Kansas City, where a friend happened to live. She was nice enough to get it and send it back with her brother. It’s fun to drive around with a giant Snoopy!

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