Santa Snoopy Blow-Mold

32″ Snoopy Blow Mold Santas Best Peanuts Christmas Plastic Yard Lawn Decor Light – $114 + $103 shipping. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Doing your Christmas shopping early? You can pass on this one! Santa Snoopy Blow-Molds are very popular on the secondary market. However, this Snoopy needs some major rhinoplasty to get him back in collectible condition. What happened to his nose? Why was this the fix? Is that glue holding it on there? Will it come off? Blow-mold restoration is a hobby vintage Christmas collectors pursue. However, at this price, I’m not sure Snoopy will find a new home and a properly sized nose.

How much is a Snoopy Blow-Mold worth?

Made in the late 1990’s by Santa’s Best, this particular style of Santa Snoopy Blow-Mold is a gem for any collector. The large size coupled with the great likeness to Snoopy makes it a great Christmas decoration. Expect to pay around $150-250, with shipping. Try Craigslist to find it locally and save yourself the shipping price. When displaying at Christmas, make sure it’s in a secure place where it’s not going to stolen!

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