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Let everyone enjoy your collection as much as you do! Submit up to 10 photos of your collection for our “Snoopy Show and Tell.” Whether you have a dedicated “Snoopy Room” or just a shelf of your favorite finds, we’d love to see what you’ve collected! Your photos will be included in our Youtube video series and may be used for promotion on, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social channels.


Since these photos will be on the internet, please consider their content and your privacy. Photos of current children and minors will not be used. If you would like to submit a photo of yourself as a minor, please also include a current photo for a “Then and Now” visual. If you have photos of adults other than yourself, please make sure you have their consent before submission.

Pets with Peanuts characters are allowed and encouraged! Please include their name.

When taking photos, remove any family photos, signs with your last name and signs with your specific town or location from the shot. If you can’t remove the item, such as from an old photo, please let me know which photo and location so it can be blurred.

Only first name and last initial will be used for video content purposes. If you would prefer a nickname or screenname be used, please let me know in the message.

Your email address will NOT be used for any marketing purposes, sold to third parties, etc. It will only be used to contact you regarding your submission.

Not all submissions may be used. 

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Up to 10 photos - 4MB Limit each

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