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Snoopy by Everhart Puzzle

USAopoly Snoopy by Everhardt Low Fat Meal Over Santa 550 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – $125. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The combination of Everhart, “retired” and “sealed tin” are the backbone of this seller’s price for a Snoopy by Everhart Puzzle. Retired, however, has no place in this ad. Certainly, some companies manufacturer a sense of urgency with a “retired” status. Retiring a design probably means they’ve saturated the market and don’t foresee a high demand in future. Instead of retired, I wouldn’t classify this puzzle as any kind of “limited availability” word. Why? Because products like this are generally made once and sold until they’re gone. They don’t just keep making them year after year. If a particular product is highly successful, then a manufacturer will build on that success using a similar design. Consumers have caught on to this cycle and know when it’s gone, it’s gone. This helps the company drive business, since consumers won’t wait if they really like something. This Snoopy by Everhart Puzzle is not retired, it just followed the natural cycle of products.

Tom Everhart is the second piece of this puzzling price. He worked with Charles Schulz as a commercial artist for years, which is how he honed his artistry for the Peanuts gang. If I want a $125 piece of Tom Everhart’s wonderful work, I won’t be buying a puzzle. Prints are easy enough to come by and much better for displaying.

Finally, “sealed tin” is not very evident by this seller’s photos. I expect a sealed tin to be covered in shrink-wrapped plastic. Hopefully, at least the puzzle is sealed in its original bag inside.

How much is a Snoopy by Everhart Puzzle worth?

I’d hate to spend $125 on a puzzle, only to find there’s a piece missing. A jigsaw puzzle is always a good time, when it’s complete. I would expect to buy a Snoopy by Everhart Puzzle in complete, unsealed, with an excellent condition tin and pieces for under $25.

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