Joe Christmas Snoopy Sweatshirt

Vintage 1971 Peanuts Snoopy Joe Christmas Doghouse Sweatshirt Shirt Mens XL- $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

What looks like a thrift store find, but with a designer price tag? It’s vintage “ugly” Christmas sweaters! Nobody could call this Snoopy Joe Christmas Sweatshirt ugly with that cute beagle on it! While the seller claims this gem is from 1971, it is most likely from the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. There isn’t a lot of data on vintage Peanuts clothing, which can be tricky when doing research. Most collectors prefer to enjoy their clothing, rather than save it for posterity.

When I’m buying vintage clothes, especially to wear, the first thing I look at is condition. My preference is for new or gently used garments. Once things start looking tired, there can be other problems such as scents and stains that won’t go away. This sweatshirt is suffering from a lot of cracking which will only get worse with wear. While sometimes that worn in vintage look can be appealing, I don’t think this is the Look people are going for.

How much is a Christmas Snoopy Sweatshirt worth?

If I were to find this in a thrift store for thrift store prices, I might buy it for myself. It’s a good size, a great image and its colors are still pretty bright. Over Halloween, I found a gem of Snoopy Halloween sweatshirt from the same era as this one. Even though it was a little small for me, it’s price tag of $5 seemed a great price for a gently used 1990’s sweatshirt. The deal got even sweeter at the checkout – it was half-off all Halloween merchandise! Score! Plus, I got a story out of it.

Shopping at Thrift stores not your thing? I would expect to buy a vintage sweatshirt for around the same prices as comparable quality new sweatshirts on the market. I might pay a premium for an especially wonderful piece in great condition or a great Peanuts image. For this Snoopy Joe Christmas Sweatshirt, I’d expect to pay around $5-10.

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