Lunchtime with Snoopy Lunch Box


I don’t think I’ve ever come across this particular Snoopy lunch box before! Time for research. It’s times like this that it would be handy to have a Lunch Box collector’s book to reference. If anyone knows of a good one that would have this lunch box, let me know. From my online searching, it seems this Lunchtime with Snoopy Lunch Box was made in Canada by Thermos. Based on the design, I would guess this is from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. If anyone has more info, drop me a line at

How much are Snoopy Lunch Boxes worth?

Though interesting and rare, I wouldn’t buy this particular Lunchtime with Snoopy Lunch Box for more than $10 dollars. It’s just a little too far gone to be collectible. The flask is the only reason I might actually buy it. Not that the flask is anything special, but it does exist in decent condition. Hopefully, it doesn’t smell.

If this Lunchtime with Snoopy Lunch Box was in collectible condition, I could see springing the $35 +shipping to put this in my collection. It might be tricky to find since the paper decal going to show every bit of wear and tear a kid can throw at it. That’s the thrill of the hunt with collectibles. To Canada!

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