A Boy Named Charlie Brown Movie Poster

A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN Italian US movie poster 38×55 SNOOPY SCHULZ 1970 RARE – $300. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Just look at Snoopy’s face! That look of indignation! Charlie Brown is getting his own movie?! Doesn’t he know Snoopy is the star? I love this “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” Movie Poster. It’s hilarious and a great image that you just don’t see on Peanuts collectibles very often. However, it doesn’t have me rolling on the floor laughing so hard $300 just bursts out of my pockets at this seller.

Movie posters are a tricky cross-collectible. I’m sure there’s lots of people who collect just movie posters. What do they think of Charlie Brown Movie Posters? Worth a lot? Highly sought after? This is a very large poster at 38×55 inches, plus there doesn’t appear to be any folds, which is terrific. Good color, nice subject matter, memorable film, what’s not to love! Well, just the price. It seems high to me as a Peanuts collector, but a movie poster collector might think it’s a perfectly fair price.

How much is a Charlie Brown Movie Poster worth?

As a Peanuts collector, I would feel comfortable spending around $50-100. It’s a rather broad spectrum, but I just don’t follow movie poster prices. It’s a range in which a person isn’t overspending too much if its not worth that much. This Charlie Brown Movie Poster is a piece of ephemera in great condition and would look great in a Snoopy room.

To the right collector, this Charlie Brown Movie Poster could be worth the full $300. The seller seems to specialize in movie posters and has a variety of interesting and possibly hard to get examples. They may know exactly what this is worth, or you may be paying a premium for their specialized wares. If you specialize in Peanuts Movie Posters, I’d love your perspective on this. Email info@collectpeanuts.com with your info.

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