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The Iconic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Peanuts Musical Charlie Brown Tree Novelty Christmas Indoor Tabletops Decor – $1000. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about? Part of the reason “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a commercial success is because it rails against the corporate machine. The totem of anti-commercialism has ironically become yet another ubiquitous Christmas season symbol through its continued success. When they first came out, everyone was in love. It seemed to be a great idea! But now, it seems the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is everywhere.

At first, the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree was just a little tree with a red bulb ornament. It was a fun homage to a great Christmas special. To freshen up the market, they added Linus’ blanket. Along came musical versions, different bulb ornaments and anniversary editions. If you collected all the different varieties of Charlie Brown Christmas trees, how many would you have? I don’t know. Personally, not interested in all this commercialism! One is enough. It was a gift from a fellow Peanuts fan and it truly needed a new home.

The original Charlie Brown Christmas Tree was a symbol of simpler times. It was the one real tree among all the flashy, fake Christmas trees. Perhaps it still is! If you want to keep your decor simple, the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is certainly basic. If that’s the extent of your decorating, you have plenty of time for other things, like getting together with family and friends. While I’m bored with seeing all the Charlie Brown Christmas, maybe it really is for the best. The corporate machine may be eroding its own hold over the Christmas season. They’re cashing in on the one symbol that might bring about the revelation on what Christmas is all about.

How much is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree worth?

In the spirit of Christmas, the seller isn’t actually going to make $1000 off this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. The seller will negotiate the price down to next to nothing in return for a story about why you deserve it. Feeling Generous? Buying the tree for $1000 will donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross. If you have an extra tree, be sure to share it with someone who needs it. Proudly display your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree as a reminder we all need a little love.

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