Peanuts Lite-Brite Pictures and Colored Pegs

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Who loved Lite-Brite as a kid? I did! I have fond memories of finally getting to play with a Lite-Brite every once in a while. Mom probably thought I’d either get burned by the bulb or leave tiny shards of clear plastic all over the house. So easy to lose those pegs! There were always a few in that bowl where all the random tiny bits of buttons, ornament hooks and other stuff gathered. Unfortunately, I never had Peanuts Lite-Brite Pictures.

The seller thinks these are from 1965. Of course, we all know that’s wrong because Wikipedia. Yes, this time we don’t have to rely on obscure Peanuts collecting knowledge, but widely available information fact checked by fact checkers with references. Only a quick search of any reputable search engine can tell you Lite-Brite was introduced in 1967. From what I can find of character refill packs, it appears they started being released in the 1970’s. Hasbro started making Peanuts toys in the early 1980’s and these are specifically from 1981.

How much is a Peanuts Lite-Brite Pictures worth?

I bet there were plenty of other Moms just like mine. There seem to be plenty of unused sets of these floating around in the secondary marketplace. Wait for someone that wants to sell at a more reasonable $25-35 for a mint in the package version. And if you’re missing that warm glow, find yourself an old Lite-Brite and make yourself a Snoopy or Charlie Brown. Don’t lose your colored pegs!

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