Bedside Snoopy Lamp

Peanuts Snoopy vintage desk lamp light – $150. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Behind the scenes, I was considering what to name this post. Snoopy Rainbow Lamp? But wait, I stopped myself, there is no rainbow. Am I thinking of a different lamp? Of course not! I picked this lamp for the lack of lamp shade and totally missed the lack of rainbow at first. We’re in for a bumpy ride for this Bedside Snoopy Lamp made by Nursery Originals in 1982.

First, the lamp shade. A missing original lampshade isn’t an automatic thumbs down from me. This is a darling little lamp without it. However, the original lampshade does have a line of Woodstocks across the bottom in various poses. Precious! Lamp shades in decent condition are harder to find than the lamp base. They are easily crushed, damaged, burned, and all matter of unfortunate circumstances. Finding the original is a collector’s dream. If it doesn’t have that essential piece, don’t pay full price!

Second, the rainbow. The rainbow is a delightful addition to this piece, giving it that 1980’s flair you can’t help but love. Looking at the photos, I can’t see any signs that the rainbow was there, so unless you know the piece, you might never figure out that it’s missing. The rainbow would have been over the lamp shaft, which may explain why it’s bent a bit.

How much is a Bedside Snoopy Lamp worth?

A very incomplete Bedside Snoopy Lamp with missing paint and yellowed plastic? At least it still works! I could see picking this up for $10-20 for a decor piece. Finding a generic lampshade is going to double your investment, but give you a great little lamp. Get crafty and recreate the original with fabric or stickers! I would also suggest checking over the electrical cord for any damage and rewire if necessary. If this lamp had the original shade and the rainbow, but was still this condition, I could see paying $35-45 for it. With perfect paint and less yellowing, bump that price up to $55-75.

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