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Peanuts Uncut Trading Card Sheet


The best thing about this Peanuts Uncut Trading Card Sheet is the frame. You can see both sides of this uncut sheet. Of course, you’d either have to take it off the wall or suspend it from the ceiling to read it, but at least you don’t have to remove it from the frame.

For a little background, this is just one of 19,500 sheets of uncut trading cards that were made, according to some “Certificates of Authenticity” online. That’s a lot on the market! I’ve got a stack of them that I can’t sell for reasonable prices. This poster version displays the preview edition of Peanuts trading cards from 1991 by ProSport Specialties Inc. The edition has 33 trading cards capitalizing on the anniversary and nostalgia of Peanuts. They were pointless to trade since you bought a pack and got nearly all of them. There was a slim chance of getting a signed by Schulz card, which would be worth trading. I’ve never seen one of those however. Please send photos, info@collectpeanuts.com, if you have one.

One thing to note, there are two different versions of this Peanuts Uncut Trading Card Sheet. One has a blank spot in the lower right hand corner. The other has a Peanuts Gang celebration card in it with Schulz on the reverse.

How much is a Peanuts Uncut Trading Card Sheet worth?

The Preview Edition Peanuts Uncut Trading Card Sheet is plentiful. If you want something rarer, look for the trading cards that kids could actually trade. I think the preview edition didn’t sell great, so later uncut trading cards weren’t made in mass quantities. Pay around $15-25 for a preview edition, but double or triple for a rarer later edition.

This particular sheet from the listing looks terrible. Is it faded and sun damaged? Or is the plastic sheeting covering it yellowed and old? Save your pennies, buy one cheap with bright colors and have it framed for $100-300. It will be cheaper in the end.

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