McDonald’s World Tour Series Snoopy Toys

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The most important factor in getting your item sold is getting it in front of the right people. Knowing what you’re selling is half the battle. The real question is whether you can figure out what these Snoopy toys are without years of Peanuts collectibles knowledge.

The first place to start are markings on the bottom of their feet. There’s no obvious McDonald’s logo on them. UFS copyrights are not a lot of help. The distinguishing information is Hong Kong, Mexico and Malaysia. They all say “Made in China” so they’re obviously not made in those three places. Plus, the Malaysia figure says Malaysia on the back. A good place to start.

The best place to search is eBay itself. A basic search for “Snoopy Malaysia” brings up three pages of results for me with three listings for this same Snoopy McDonald’s toy on the first page. Two are even in the package! This isn’t a mystery, it’s just a seller needing to go the extra inch. From there, it would be easier to find out more about Mexico and Hong Kong.

How much are McDonald’s World Tour Series Snoopy Toys worth?

The best way to get this series is to find a lot for the full set of thirty Snoopy toys. They were released in multiple countries around the world, so finding them isn’t the difficult. While they weren’t sold in the United States, that hasn’t stopped the occasional World Tour Snoopy toy popping up in my travels. Buying your favorites individually, you should easily be able to pay under $10 for a complete figure. Check for those accessories! Mexico and Hong Kong are both missing their hats as evidenced by the obvious hole at the top of their heads.

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