Snoopy for President Sticker Set

Vintage Peanuts Gang “Snoopy for President” Stickers Lot – RARE! – $348. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Wow! If I could get $348 for all Snoopy for President sticker sets I have, I’d have enough money to just buy shelving for the new Snoopy room project. Instead, I have to pinch pennies and make them from scratch. After my eye balls retracted from this high price, I did look closer. It’s $348 for 140 total stickers. That makes a lot more sense… or does it? At just $2.50 a sticker, rather than $29 a sticker, it’s still a stretch for me.

What’s the problem? Quantity. These aren’t really that rare. The internet has churned up plenty for collectors. Even getting a full set is easy enough in the shop. There’s two reason I like to buy in bulk. One, I like to have my pick of the litter. Two, I have a shop I can sell the extras in. How many collectors have a reliable outlet to sell their extras or even want to take the time to do that? Not at $348 at least! If I go to a Peanuts convention to sell my worldly Peanuts goods, I may not run into too many people who don’t have these. Plus, they’re inundated with Peanuts goodies left, right AND center. They can’t move for all the Peanuty wonderfulness.

Let’s look at the bottom line. According to the listing there should be seven full sets. That’s 84 stickers for sets, leaving you with 56 stickers to sell individually. Selling a set for $40 and $3 an individual sticker, would net you just $448, a profit of just $100. Is that worth it? Not really, no. Getting that $100 profit may not be easy. First, not every sticker may be in the best of shape or have a widely desirable design on its own. Second, not every Peanuts collector is going to be interested, especially at that price. Selling a few stickers to multiple people will take a while. The time put in and the time taken away from buying other Peanuts things at a convention might not be worth it. You could always trade a set for other things!

How much is a Snoopy for President Sticker Set worth?

Well, look in my shop. Just $15 for a set of Interstate Brands Peanuts election stickers from the 1970’s. If you have an incomplete set, I think $3 each for a couple missing ones to complete it isn’t too bad. Buying in a big lot at these low margins isn’t a great idea though. From experience, I know I have to balance the financial output for large lots with my ability to recoup that initial investment. The quicker you know you can make your money back, the tighter your margins can be. Waiting a year or more to make back a $350 investment is too much of a stretch for my Peanuts collection budget!

FYI, the featured photo is from my shop. The listing’s photo was really small, but I thought this was a good topic so I had to adapt.

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