Sitting Snoopy Radio


When you come across one of these radios, you have only a few questions to ask yourself. Does it have the box? Is it in pristine condition for a reasonable price? Is it super cheap and I really want one? Do I want to hack it with today’s technology to make it useful again and it’s cheap? If you answered yes to any of these questions, buy yourself a Sitting Snoopy Radio!

Made in 1974 by Determined Productions, the Sitting Snoopy Radio is the most common Peanuts radio available. If you want one, you can find one. If you’re collecting, save your money for the good stuff like boxes and mint condition examples. But, it’s your collection so buy what you want and don’t be afraid to experiment.

How much is a Sitting Snoopy Radio worth?

There were two boxes available for the Sitting Snoopy Radio. One was your basic rectangle, while the other was doghouse-shaped. The doghouse box is worth a premium of around $10-20. I would expect to pay around $25-45 for a rectangle box radio, depending on the condition of the radio and box. Without the box, in very good to mint condition, I would expect to pay $15-25. Severe yellowing, a missing battery case, a missing handle, distressed paint and non-working condition are all good reasons to pass on an un-boxed radio. If you have an excellent box with a crappy-looking radio, it’s easy enough to find a different radio to pair with your great box.

Another selling tip! Make sure you’re lighting your items properly. Is this item yellowed, or just dark office lighting? Also, it’s kind of a creepy photo. Maybe put it fully on the keyboard or the desk. Don’t show half your lap. Take some time and sell it right when you’re asking $75! Finally, shipping batteries is a no-no unless they’re properly contained and packaged. That means, not in your expensive collectible.

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