Snoopy Collector Doll

Snoopy Roller skater doll 1958 VINTAGE with costume and original box – $95. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Let’s start with the obvious! This Snoopy was made in 1982 by Determined Productions. Not 1958. Never 1958. Does this really look like a 1958 Snoopy? Does it look like a 1958 toy? No. This Snoopy Collector Doll looks straight outta the 1980’s.

Misinformation aside, this is a fantastic doll. The lovely little roller skates actually work and have laces for tying. The plastic Snoopy body is poseable, perfect for displaying him in a trick position. Overall, this series of Snoopy Collector Dolls and their Belle counterparts are a wonderful collectible to own!

How much is a Snoopy Collector Doll worth?

At $95, I’d have a hard time putting up the cash for this particular cutie. If I was a roller skating lover, $100 might not be a bad splurge to get what I want and love. What’s not selling this doll is the photography. Not only is it blurry, I can’t tell if he’s discolored or in bad lighting. When asking a premium price, give us the premium experience. The box isn’t a huge asset to this piece, either. It has more than basic shelf wear, plus has black marker on it.

I could see spending around $25-35 for this Snoopy Collector Doll, if he’s still in a reasonably white condition with his mangled box. If he was mint condition with an excellent box, I’d expect to pay around $35-45. No box, I’d spring $15-25 for him.

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