Vintage, All-Black Snoopy Doll

Rare Vintage Peanuts Snoopy Brown Snoopy United Feature Syndicate Hong Kong 1966 – $699. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Black gold Snoopy? Sorry, but this vintage, all-black Snoopy doll is not a rare variant. He’s a Tub Time Snoopy Doll that has turned dark brown somehow. Paint? Dye? Sun Damage? Production error? Reproduction? Whatever Snoopy’s history is, it’s not enticing me as a collector to shell out $700 to put him in my collection.

In our modern times, the classic Snoopy has been taken down new artistic avenues. One of these explorations has lead to all-black Snoopy representations. Coach and Kaws have dolls featuring Snoopy with all-black features. Back when this doll was made, these artistic re-imaginings weren’t mainstream culture. If there is any counter-culture history or other interesting story behind this doll then it’s been lost to time. Luckily, the seller isn’t presenting it as anything but what they can see, but $700 is still pretty steep. All-black Snoopy dolls being high-priced and sought after in the secondary market may lead some people to try and cash in on the fad.

How much is this All-Black Snoopy Doll worth?

Sometimes I come across oddities in my collecting journey that peak my interest. A vintage, all-black Snoopy doll would be interesting on my shelves, especially opposite the original. It’s a conversation piece and perhaps the lost link in a forgotten story that will someday be resurrected, throwing my humble collectible into the spotlight. Most likely, he’s just a sun-damaged doll, but at the right price he’s worth a shot. This doll’s damage is interesting as it looks surprisingly consistent across the entire doll, even the feet bottoms. There seem to be some hints around the arm joints that he was once white. Without evidence he’s a rare variant, I couldn’t justify spending more than $5-10 for this oddity.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this Snoopy doll. For additional details, check out our Sanity Check article on a $100 Tub Time Snoopy Doll.

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