Tub Time Snoopy Doll

Vintage 1958 Peanuts Snoopy United Syndicate Squeaky Squeeze 9” Rubber Toy – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

When selling vintage items online, sometimes you have to put on your Sherlock Holmes thinking cap. Just look at those hands on this Snoopy doll. The way they’re just reaching out to grasp something. But what? A scrub brush! Snoopy was getting ready for a bath before his robe, towel and brush were lost to time or the bottom of a toy box. While it may not be apparent what he was supposed to be decked out with, his grasping hands are a good clue that this Tub Time Snoopy Doll is not complete.

The Tub Time Snoopy doll was made in the early 1980’s by Knickerbocker. While this seller may have had a tough time getting this information for this Tub Time Snoopy Doll, it doesn’t excuse the many inconsistencies in their listing. Snoopy is not a squeak toy, and I’m not sure how he would still be squeaking! Condition “very good”? Granted, condition terms can be very subjective, but I feel this doll wouldn’t warrant anyone’s “very good” assessment. Snoopy’s nose is missing 80% of its paint. His white plastic is very yellowed and shows signs of being discolored red in places. Finally, the seller states he’s been “put away for 59 years”. Obviously, they don’t know or remember the exact history of this doll and making such claims is misleading to potential customers.

How much is a Tub Time Snoopy Doll worth?

If you found this Tub Time Snoopy Doll with all his bits and pieces with the box in absolutely pristine, mint condition, perhaps then and only then would you spring even fifty dollars for this toy. On his own, Snoopy is worth around $8-20, based on condition. Since this piece has a lot of condition issues, I’d only buy him at the lower end of the scale. He’s a surprisingly easy enough doll to find if you look. Finding Snoopy with all his pieces, that’s much harder and worth more.

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