Snoopy Auto Refresheners

Peanuts Gang Snoopy vintage auto refresheners lot set – $150. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

A lot of five Snoopy Auto Refresheners for $30 a piece?! I’d have trouble selling all five Snoopy Auto Refresheners at $30 for the entire lot. It’s nice that these are in their original packages, but they’re usually found this way. If you used a Snoopy Auto Refresheners, eventually it would run out of scent and you’d probably replace it, throwing the old one away. Auto air fresheners are cheap and meant to be thrown away. That these Snoopy Auto Refresheners still exist at all is probably a miracle. The ones you see on the market are probably old store stock or bought then never used and forgotten.

Rarity is never a guarantee of high value. Snoopy Auto Refresheners have great graphics and are fun, but they’re not that pleasant to display on a shelf. The best way to display them is to take them out of the package and hang them in your car. We’re not going to do that though! This lot of Snoopy Auto Refresheners is from the late 1970’s, early 1980’s and are very common on the market. They were made by Hollywood Accessories for Determined Productions. Many other Peanuts auto accessories were also made like litter bags and mirrors. Plus, there were also 3-D figural Snoopy auto fresheners and stick-on Snoopy auto fresheners available.

How much are Snoopy Auto Refresheners worth?

As for buying Snoopy Auto Refresheners, I sell them in the package for $4 a piece. However, I’d probably pay up to $6-8 for the flat and stick-on varieties, depending on the design and rarity. For figural Snoopy Auto Refresheners, I would spend up to $12, mint in the package.

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