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The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas Book

THE JOY OF A PEANUTS CHRISTMAS 50 YEARS OF HOLIDAY COMICS – $100. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The joy of a book title is it’s so easy to search. There’s lots of items that don’t have names or are missing the box that would have the name on it. When searching, you rely on your knowledge and can’t anticipate the many ways people would interpret an item into words. But a book! That’s so easy. Plug in the title, and you’re done! At the time of this writing, there are over 200 results for “The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas” on eBay.

How much is The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas Book worth?

“The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas” was a Peanuts 50th anniversary book in 2000 and sold at Hallmark stores. Any 50th Anniversary is a HUGE deal, and Peanuts was no different. With the passing of Charles Schulz, the eternal nostalgia for Peanuts and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, this book was a huge seller. If I remember right, there may have been a special offer to get this book free or cheap – please let me know if I’m right or wrong! It’s a fun book, a good read, and plentiful in the market. Mint condition, with the original dust jacket would be worth around $10-15. Keep that book in pristine condition and pick up a second, used copy for your holiday reading. They’re cheap and easy to come by!

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