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Charlie Brown Christmas Ornament

CHARLIE BROWN Vintage Keepsake CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT Clay Plaster PEANUTS Snoopy – $49.99. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Was your first reaction upon seeing the photograph to shout, “Cookie Cutter”? Yes, this is a craft made with a vintage 1970’s Charlie Brown Christmas cookie cutter from Hallmark. To be fair, I don’t expect every eBay dealer to know the full realm of Peanuts memorabilia.

Let’s take a look at this Charlie Brown oddity. The material of the ornament is unclear, perhaps some sort of clay or dough. I doubt it would be plaster, since I would expect that to get caught in the grooves and make the cookie cutter completely useless or difficult to clean. It definitely has some sort of glaze, shellac or varnish on it. The ornament has probably yellowed and cracked over time. Overall, it’s a nice looking piece and well painted. Looking at the back, we can see it is unfinished. There is no artist name or any copyright information. If this were a licensed product, I would expect the copyright information to be included in the mold, making it easy to identify the piece.

How much is this Charlie Brown Christmas Ornament worth?

How much would I pay? Nothing. It just doesn’t suit me and my collection. Since it’s a craft, I don’t put prices on them since I feel it’s an emotional connection to the item and the person creating it, rather than a set monetary rate for materials. The seller has been smart and does accept offers for this piece. This would be a fun project to do with my own used cookie cutters someday, if I ever get the time.

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