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Snoopy Vintage Poster

Snoopy Vintage Poster 1958 Original Peanuts – $485. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Snoopy Vintage Posters. It may never be the last if sellers don’t come to their senses on pricing! Today, I bought this same poster for my collection. The poster isn’t perfect. It has a similar tear in about the same place, some light markings from old adhesive on the back, plus some minor creasing from its many moves over the years. The colors are great, the subject matter is a winner and who wouldn’t do a happy dance over a $4 Snoopy Vintage Poster! Plus, the seller is also a Peanuts collector, so he might have more for me in future!

With this Snoopy vintage poster, my biggest problem is the up-selling. The seller describes this poster as excellent condition. Tears and pin holes are not the hallmarks of an excellent poster! When I think of excellent, I think of it as something that’s just below mint condition. What’s mint condition? Just perfect. No flaws. Unused. Instead, I would personally classify this as Very Good condition. Overall, really nice condition with just a couple minor flaws that don’t take away from the piece too much. My new poster I’d go with good condition. While it’s still a nice display piece, it’s the flaws stand out. Below Good, you’re getting into the Fair realm where suddenly the flaws are a bit glaring and start to really take away from a piece. Finally, there’s Poor condition pieces that are hardly collectible anymore. The exception to this is when even a Poor condition piece is so rare and desirable that even looking like trash, it’s still a treasure.

Condition grading for most collectibles is not a regulated field and can be very subjective. Sellers won’t be called out for mis-representing a piece with the wrong phrasing. There are some fields, like comic books and trading cards, where professionals grade items based on specific factors. Grading should come from a third-party for an objective viewpoint. Sellers are trying to make money, so pass on the banter and focus on the facts. Personally, as an online seller, I like to err on the side of pessimism about an item. I’d rather my buyers feel an item is better than they expected.

How much is a Snoopy Vintage Poster worth?

At just $4, the Snoopy poster I came home with was priced juuust right for me. Much more than $5-8 and I would have walked away. Plenty of other finds at the flea market. In very good condition like the one featured here, I’d be more inclined to spend up to $15 for it. Bump it up to like new, then I’m pulling out a twenty, maybe throwing in a ten. Put in the footwork, and you might come out with a gem like this!

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