Snoopy Collector Plate

Large Peanuts Danbury Mint The Many Faces Of Snoopy Gold Trim Plate A540 New Pkg – $100 Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

The Danbury Mint sure knew how to make a gorgeous Snoopy collector plate! Remember when we used to go crazy for these? Paying top dollar for those Peanuts collector plates from Schmid, Willitts Designs and other fine purveyors of porcelain round pictures? We couldn’t even eat off their leaded paint and gold filigreed surfaces, but we still craved them. What happened to make the collector’s plate fall from grace?

In a world where everything seemed to be slapped with a limited edition tag, the people rebelled. If everything is so “special”, then nothing is really special. Their marketing words became hollow. This Snoopy Collector Plate says “A540” on the back. Is that the 540th plate made? Out of how many? Why the A? Is this just the first batch and you plan to make more if it’s popular? There’s nothing wrong with this plate. If someone wants to pay $100 for this beautiful plate, why not! Go ahead. Enjoy it! Just don’t expect to recoup your costs down the line.

Nowadays, the Danbury Mint doesn’t even make plates anymore. Their collectible figurines don’t mention edition numbers or limited quantities. Instead, they’ve pivoted to personalized home goods, apparel and jewelry. It’s what the people want and that’s what keeps them in business. Decor tastes change. We’re primed by magazines and HGTV to crave seasonal decor changes to stay in fashion. A collector plate was supposed to be a long-term keepsake that would increase in value over the years. That dream shriveled up and now there’s a lot of limited-edition collector plates needing homes.

How much is a Snoopy Collector Plate worth?

Decorative plates may be down, but they’re not out. People do still enjoy them. Personally, I try to keep my plate purchases under $50 so someday I can hopefully break even. You never know when tastes may change yet again! Also, try to get the original certificate of authenticity, just for completeness. It’s always nice to have all the paperwork, but not a deal breaker.

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