Snoopy Superhero Halloween Porch Greeter

RARE Snoopy Peanuts Plush Super Snoopy Superhero 2 FEET tall by Gemmy Halloween – $105. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Peanuts porch greeters are a lot of fun! Snoopy the superhero is not only fun for Halloween, but a Peanuts fan that really likes comic book superheros. Having a few Snoopy Porch Greeters in your collection is a fun way to decorate for holidays. Collecting them all is a headache! I stopped collecting them after a couple holidays when they first came out. There is just no room for all these obnoxiously huge plushes between holidays. I think this is how most people feel about them. They find a few they love and hang on to them.

Is this a rare Snoopy Porch Greeter? It’s hard to say. Without knowing the number of them made, it’s difficult to judge. From a very quick search on eBay, I found three others. People that have them might be hanging on to them to display. Since this is a fairly new “holiday decorating style”, not a lot of them have made their way into the secondary market yet. Selling them online is difficult because their large size means 2-3 day shipping is expensive and could cost more than the original retail price. This example has free shipping, but I’m sure the high price accounts for that expenses.

How much is a Snoopy Superhero Halloween Porch Greeter worth?

If I found a Snoopy Porch Greeter I wanted for my collection online, I would expect to pay $30-40, which includes shipping. Found one with free shipping? Be prepared to wait a long time for it to arrive!

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