Snoopy Jams Shirt

Vintage 1958 Peanuts Snoopy Woodstock Mens XL So Many Jams So Little Time Shirt – $130. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

What’s your Jam? We’re not here to talk about fruit preserves or banging tunes. Instead, we’re here to talk shorts, the half-pants perfect for the heat of the summer. This summer treat started on Christmas day, 1964. A pair of pajama bottoms were turned into shorts and “jams” were born. Their popularity reached the mainstream when featured in Life magazine in June, 1965. Read more about their creator on the Wikipedia page.

Why the sartorial history lesson? You don’t need to be a Peanuts collector to do a little research. A quick google search turns up some interesting trivia and clue that this shirt is NOT from 1958. So when was it made?

To be a good collector is to be observant. You don’t need to know everything, except how to use your wealth of prior knowledge. Let’s dive deep into mine! When I was a kid, I was obsessed with collecting all these Beach Bunnies from the Kid’s meal at Hardees. Look at those bright colored jams with triangles and polka dots. These critters of my childhood are from 1989. That’s absolutely when this craze and these bright colors and geometric shapes were all the rage. Snoopy’s jams have the same vibe. My guess is this shirt is from around the same period as my Beach Bunnies. Take what you know and use it to make informed guesses.

The info we’re missing for this shirt is the neck tag. That might help date this shirt. Sadly, it seems to be missing. A Peanuts logo is a great way to determine if this is a pre-1990, or post 1990 shirt. The logo changes every five years to coincide with the big anniversary. If you’d like to help me build a reference site for all these logos, please sponsor on Patreon.

How much is a Snoopy Jams Shirt worth?

Most collectors I know shy away from collecting apparel. It’s a line in the sand with so many, many, many Peanuts items to collect. Vintage apparel can be pricey these days. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this for more than $20-30, especially since it doesn’t have the neck tag. $130 is steep for a shirt that isn’t really from the 1950’s!

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