Peanuts Portfolio Pocket Folder

Vtg Set of 4 Peanuts Portfolio School Folder Folders Snoopy & Woodstock – $60. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Was there anything better than getting folders for the upcoming school year? When Mom finally relented and let you pick something graphical to match your personality. Finally, you were in an income bracket where you didn’t have to pick the plain colored folders. So boring! I want my Lisa Frank! I think there was only one year Snoopy folders were available in my childhood. Oh, to live through the 1980’s when Peanuts Portfolio Pocket Folders were readily available!

How much is a Peanuts Portfolio Pocket Folder worth?

Unless you’re feeling nostalgic, you’re not going to spring over $15 each for these simple Peanuts portfolio pocket folders. At around $5-10 for unused folders, I would feel more comfortable. The pricing depends on rarity and subject matter, most falling towards to bottom end of the scale. The more I love it, the more I’m willing to spend.

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