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Charlie Brown Random House Software

Apple II+ IIe, IIc Charlie Brown ABC’s Vintage Software by Random House Software – $200. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

I actually own Charlie Brown ABC’s! Plus, our family may just have a Commodore 64 lying about that we could potentially run our copy of this Charlie Brown Random House Software on. That will never happen! Does the computer still work? Does the software still work? Only a large number of Patreon supporters financing a Youtube video of this ancient 1984 Peanuts computer game in action can tell! However, with the aid of modern technology, we can all play Charlie Brown ABC’s preserved at archive.org.

How much is Charlie Brown Random House Software worth?

Software collection is a niche collectible. As an eighties child, I knew how to use a computer before I could read. Retro computer stuff brings me back to my childhood. Plus, I’m computer savvy enough to know how to get old computer game files to work on a modern system. While I’ll occasionally pick up an old Peanuts game, I wouldn’t pay more than $5-$15. What’s the collector value of these old games? It’s just a box for most Peanuts collectors. Obviously, collectors also want the complete contents, but will most collectors be able to test if an old 5¼-inch floppy works? Probably not. In my opinion, vintage video games are best left for vintage video game collectors, not Peanuts collectors.

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