Flying Ace Snoopy Bank?

Vintage Snoopy Ceramic Bank United Feature Syndicate 1972 RARE Coin Slot Error – $250. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

When is a Flying Ace Snoopy Bank not a bank? When it’s a paperweight! This seller has high hopes misplaced on this Flying Ace Snoopy paperweight. Without the coin slot, the seller hopes it’s a rarity worth lots and lots of money. Rather, the lack of coin slot, the odd plug and the messy, unfinished bottom point to paperweight. Originally, the bottom would have had felt to cover the plug hole, saving Mother’s from vacuuming up sand from curious children. My guess is the sand is gone in this one, leaving just the plug to confuse future owners.

The other major tip-off that this isn’t a Flying Ace Snoopy Bank are guide books. Yes, guidebooks may be horribly out of date on their late 1990’s prices, but they are still a valuable tool for identifying vintage collectibles. Getting to know them is a good way to steer clear of bad deals like this one. The guidebook would tell you this was made in the early 1980’s by Butterfly Originals. You might need to figure out on your own that they came as pairs and singles. Pairs are bookends, singles are paperweights. Granted, this may originally been a bookend and is missing its twin. Let’s think positively and throw the seller a bone!

How much is a Snoopy Paperweight worth?

Now it’s back to breaking high hopes. In mint condition, with the original box, I would expect to buy this for around $25-35. Without the box, I would expect to pay around $15-25 in very good to mint condition. Paint often chips off of these, so look for one that’s not flaky and retaining its color. Since Snoopy is ceramic, chips and crazing can also be issues to keep in mind.

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