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Peanuts Vintage Embroidered Backpack Snoopy Kids Joe Cool 80s 90s Summer Gift – $89. Find it on eBay (affiliate links).

Why would anyone pay $89 for a cheap Snoopy Kids’ Backpack from the 1990’s when they could have a quality Snoopy backpack by LeSportsac or a new, over-priced Peanuts backpack from Japan? No idea! While the internet might make it easier for collectors to find and bid up prize collectibles, it also gives them lots of new or different options when shopping for daily use and collectible items. The world is at our finger tips and a Peanuts collectible better be special to bring in top dollar.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a cute Snoopy Kids’ Backpack. However, it’s not worth buying at $89. If it was, I’d be digging out my collection of these and getting them out there on the market! I remember buying similar backpacks on clearance at Wal-mart. The low prices plus 1990’s collector mania led to our family buying one of each when the price was right. You can tell from the photo this bag was also marked down to $12 from $15, plus it was sold at Sears. Such an inexpensive backpack wasn’t made to last more than a school year’s worth of use.

How much is a Snoopy Kids’ Backpack worth?

More than just rarity determines how much value an item has. Quality, desirability and availability are also key. Rare: yes this bag is probably difficult to find. Quality: this bag wasn’t made to be high quality. Desirability: some basic and overused clip-art, which is cute but hardly compelling and the bag doesn’t have any outstanding features. Availability: new Peanuts backpacks are plentiful on the market, fans and collectors can choose from many great Snoopy backpacks to use or add to their collections. Personally, if I were to find this for the original price in an antique store, I might pass it up. It’s not often someone is going to be looking for this specific piece. That’s the true test for how collectible an item will be. Will anyone specifically want this and ask for it by name? A better price for this would be around $25-30. High enough to make a profit off the original price, low enough to be in that sweet spot for someone’s Snoopy-loving kid to enjoy or a collector who loves their bags.

Last note! The seller points out there’s a misspelling on Peanuts in the copyright line. Is this mistake a reason to pay $89 for a Snoopy Kids’ Backpack? No, just another indicator of how inexpensive this bag originally was. It isn’t something that I would seek out or pay extra for as it really isn’t interesting at all. Perhaps if the main Peanuts patch was misspelled, that might be interesting, but not without a back story of this being snuck out of the factory before it could be destroyed, or something like that.

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