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Snoopy Spaceship Radio


At first blush, my itchy trigger finger wants to hit that buy button. So cute! I’ve had my eye on this delightful Snoopy Spaceship Radio for years and never quite gotten one yet. It was originally made in 1978 by Concept 2000, a Mattel company. But stop that finger! This little planet hopper has a couple flaws that might make you rethink pushing the “Buy It Now” button.

How good is Snoopy at holding his breath? In the vacuum of space, he’s going to need a helmet. Where’s his helmet? Yes, he originally had a clear plastic bubble on his head to save him from outer space. Second, his ship is missing an important part. I didn’t notice it at first, but the left wing is missing a red, sticky-out bit. While I don’t know what function it would have, I know it does bring down the purchase price. Finally, the paint work has seen its share of space battles and is a bit chipped up on the front nose.

Usually, I go “blah blah blah old technology isn’t collectible” with radios. However, this is a super cool spaceship radio! Just because it can only get classical music and not your morning shock jock*, that doesn’t mean this particular gem isn’t still a highly sought after piece.

How much is a Snoopy Spaceship AM Radio worth?

Snoopy and Woodstock won’t be skyrocketing off with my bank account any time soon! If the bubble and wing bit were still intact, I could see someone paying $250 for it. Overall, it’s in decent shape and still pretty white. These radios can turn really, really yellow! Great color can’t make up for the missing helmet for me. I would prefer to pay around $75-125 for this Snoopy Spaceship Radio. The original box may have started tipping the scales back towards the $250, but I think they would level out at around $175. It doesn’t come up too often, but they’re out there… just waiting for me to clear it for landing in my collection.

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*My radio metaphors may be outdated. The only radio I listen to is Radiotopia, a fiercely independent collective of the most innovative shows in all of podcasting.

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